I have different things to show you about coding

Games you can make

There are different types of games you can make and I will tell you some.

1.Tower defence game

2.Racing games

3.Explaoring games

4.Graphic games

5.Shooting games

6.Space games

7.Team games

8.Mission games

9.Infomative games

10.Running games

Tips on coding

1.Always play while coding and creat new stuff.

2.Read and understand code language

3.Never use names like $k, $m, and $test for your variables

F80B4B99-F8E7-4662-B0DB-1E536818ADD9      (copy this link if you want)

How to understand your code

1.Read your code 2-3 times to understand what you typed your wrote.

2.Make your game accordingly to your plan.

3.Find out what your code does. (Copy this link and paste this link)


5 tips about to start making your game

1.think about what you like

2.look at the different games that you like and explore those games

3.think about what your game will about

4.write your plan on a piece of paper so that you remember what you are going to do

5.once your done writing it down you can start coding on any software you like

How to write code functions | tutorial (Copy this link )